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ENR Background

Emerald Analytical Services Inc. was founded in 1991 in Montreal, Québec. In 1992, the company was formed under the Canada Business Corporations Act. In June 2000, the company changed its name to ENR Asset Management Inc. (ENR)) in order to better reflect its business objectives, which are principally investment management and international portfolio consulting services.

ENR's founder, Eric Naimer Roseman, is the President and Chief Investment Officer.

ENR originally began operations as a newsletter advisory service and an investment consultant to high net-worth non-Canadian investors. It later resigned from advisory consulting to focus exclusively on asset management and portfolio consulting services.

In 1992, Mr. Roseman launched the Impartial Global Mutual Fund Investor, a monthly newsletter advisory reviewing and ranking the world's best-managed mutual funds and providing global market analysis. The publication was renamed Global Mutual Fund Investorin 1996 following a business agreement with Agora Publishing LLC in Baltimore, Maryland and The Sovereign Society, a unit of Agora Publishing LLC. He also became active writing for The Oxford Club starting in 1996. In 1997, Mr. Roseman joined The Sovereign Society's Advisory Board and later co-founded Commodity Trend Alert in 2003, a weekly commodity trading service. In 2007, he also became the Investment Director for The Sovereign Society until 2010. In 2011, Mr. Roseman ceased working for The Sovereign Society and no longer edits or writes advisory services.

In September 2013, Thomas Fischer became ENR's second lead consultant after more than twelve years at Denmark's second-largest bank. In 2005, Dugald Ross Malcolm joined ENR and is Head of Global Trading and Execution for Austrian and Danish private banking operations at ENR. In March 2013, Subir Chowdhury (CPA) joined ENR as a tax consultant. In August 2013, Melissa Silva joined ENR as Head of Administration at European Private Banking for ENR’s clients.

ENR began advising international clients in 1991. The firm strictly advises non-Canadian individual investors. ENR's primary target market is U.S. investors where the firm is SEC-registered.

ENR maintains one office in Montreal, Quebec and employs four individuals. The firm is privately-owned and is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Investment Advisor.