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Global Value Investing since 1991

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Since 1991, we've devoted our business to finding the best money-managers and value-based global securities for our investors in the United States, Europe and Japan. ENR offers a total of 8 investment strategies ranging from dynamic capital growth to high-income portfolios. Our core strategies include global blue-chip dividend income equities, diversified high-income, precious metals, natural resources and foreign currencies. Our stock-picking emphasizes mostly large-cap, dividend-paying stocks that are leaders in their respective industries. ENR's investment programs are available for taxable and non-taxable accounts in the United States while also offering qualified investors tax-deferred products in Europe. Since 1996, we've also helped investors establish European private banking relationships in Austria, Denmark and Switzerland for investment, asset protection and diversification purposes.

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Eric N. Roseman
President & Chief Investment Officer
ENR Asset Management, Inc.
Montreal, Canada

ENR Asset Management, Inc. is registered as an Investment Advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).